How To Conceive Twins

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Boost your chances to have twins. There are fertility medications that can increase your chancesgreatly to have twins. Women taking fertility drugs are often trying to get pregnant, and wondering how to conceive twins might be lower on their list of goals. Those women wondering how to conceive twins specifically won’t usually take such drastic measures.

It’s more common for fraternal twins to be born than identical twins. Identical twins require an egg to split off into two separate eggs. That is definitely more random than the body putting out two eggs during ovulation, which is what happens with fraternal twins.

There are more natural ways to increase the production of eggs in the body without using medications and costly fertility drugs. It’s no guarantee that these things will work, but it increases the chances by a significant amount in some cases.

Those mothers with twins in their family history have a greater chance of having twins naturally. Height and weight are areas that may effect the likelihood of twins.

Heavier women have a greater chance of conceiving twins than their thinner counterparts. The reason for this is unclear but might have something to do with naturally eating more egg-producing foods. Tall women statistically have more twins than shorter women.

Age is a huge factor in whether or not twins will be conceived. Older women produce more of the hormone that stimulates the egg follicles during ovulation. This results in more eggs being produced and multiple eggs can be fertilized creating twins.

These are a few tips for how to conceive twins naturally by boosting your chances to produce more than one egg during ovulation.

Folic acid is believed to increase the chances of twins. Studies vary on the percentage of twins conceived using this method, but since folic acid is important to the healthy fetus, folic acid is essential for a healthy diet anyway.

Dairy products have been proven to increase the likelihood of having twins. There are studies that prove women who eat dairy products are five times more likely to have twins than those who don’t. The studies were conducted between vegetarians who consumed dairy and vegans who shunned all dairy products.

Wild yams are another food that is believed to increase the chance of twins. It’s thought that the cassava root contributes to stimulating the ovaries to produce more eggs. There are certain areas of the world where twins are more prevalent, and it’s thought that wild yam consumption is the cause.

Birth Control
After a woman stops taking birth control pills, the body tries to regulate egg production, hormones and menstruation cycle. This makes it more possible that the body will produce more than one egg while getting itself back into a normal cycle.

Breastfeeding, the mother’s age and the size of the family contribute greatly to the possibility of twins. For more detailed information, purchase the ebook. It has many more in-depth examples of how to conceive twins.

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